We say it alot…”I would do ANYTHING if …(fill in the blank).” But do we truly realize the enormity of the word? Are we genuinely willing to do ANYTHING? Most the time, not.
If the couples who we’ve mentored over the years fulfilled their promise to do ANYTHING, we (and ultimately, God) required of them, then we’d be able to report that 100% of those couples are now spiritualy healthy and happy.Unfortunately, you know the statistics of divorce in this country. ANYTHING usually means SOME things…. And there in lies the problem….if we aren’t willing to fully surrender our lives and our marriages to Christ, then how can we expect Him to heal and restore them?

If you are in a desperate place in your marriage, and are tempted to say “I’ll do ANYTHING” you better consider the cost. Jesus did. His willingness to do ANYTHING for us cost Him everything- including His life.

So what does ANYTHING look?

If you don’t know… ONE Flesh Marriage Ministries would love to help you discover it! Contact us today.


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