A New Plan

In 2001, amidst a painful wilderness journey in our marriage, the Holy Spirit whispered a promise, “I will use this for my Glory and your good.” Within a year, we began leading the first of numerous marriage small groups in which we shared our story of rebellion, redemption and restoration with the Lord- and one another. In 2010 we faced the giants in the land and established ONE Flesh Marriage Ministries, a 501©(3) non-profit corporation. We began serving engaged, married, estranged and legally separated couples through day & weekend conferences, small groups and mentoring.

God kept His promise.

In 2017, in the midst of another painful wilderness journey in our marriage and family, God spoke again, “let go of ONE Flesh…” After wrestling through the reasons why we should/should not, we chose to obey. We let go.

Then the Lord delivered a new promise.

Our purpose of making disciples would remain, but a new name and ministry plan would be required. So, after seven years of marching into the Promised Land, we are excited to announce that God has expanded our territory to include every member of the family! ONE Flesh Marriage Ministries has become At Home Ministries. We are continuing to make disciples by teaching families to love God. We are accomplishing this by:

Preaching the gospel to people of every generation so that they may trust Jesus as Savior & Lord.

Praying with people of every generation so that they may receive the love of the Father as sons and daughters.

Providing family meetings for people of every generation to be rooted in the Father, grow in the Son and be fruitful in the Spirit to provide for others in their community.

2 thoughts on “A New Plan

  1. Love what is happening with the Bullard pack. God is moving greater and expanding the tent pegs of the Bullard family. What Joy to watch his kingdom come his will be done. Love you guys way big!


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