Un used Tools

(Originally posted to The Bullard Pack blog on 9/22/10)
We’ve owned our Toyota Sienna for more than 6 years. We’ve never really read the owner’s manual. Sure, we’ve skimmed through it a time or two, but we haven’t taken the time to thoroughly read all the fine details.
Recently, as our family of 6 was whizzing down the road, my husband and I became frustrated (yet again!) by the whining and complaining coming from the back seat. When we purchased the van in 2004, we were given 2 sets of wireless headphones for the radio/cd/tape player. They were of great value to a mommy of 2 little ones (who wanted to listen to worship music instead of cheesy kid’s songsJ). Soon, however, we had 3 sets of ears who wanted to hear, so I drove back to the dealership and bought another pair (after the brief heart attack I had from sticker shock!). When the 4th child arrived, we figured they all could learn to share!!!! They tried- sometimes. More often than not, though, the whining would ensue and one child would be left exclaiming “I wanna listen TOO!!!!!!!” (b/c a sing along w/ all 4 kids to Veggies Tales is much more FUN!!!) Occasionally, the crisis would be avoided if one of the older girls brought a game system, or book, or other activity to engage themselves, but most trips escalated to mom whining (well, more like yelling) “either share, or I’m turning it off!!!!
This particular morning was one of those instances…….
Fortunately, my wonderful husband came to the rescue…………. “Aren’t there some headphone jacks back there ????” My oldest daughter looked up and said “yeah, but do they work? We have wireless headphones!” With much enthusiasm I blurted out “well, get a pair of your WIRED headphones and plug them in!!!!” She did. Complete silence came over the peanut gallery (except for the occasional unison of “broccoli, celery, gotta be VEGGIE TALES!”
Peace……and quiet.
A few more miles down the road as Doug and I were enjoying a moment of uninterrupted adult conversation, we were discussing marriages that were failing b/c of people being separated from God. They didn’t know Him, let alone know how to live out the relationship that was designed by Him.
As I glanced over at my bible, I revealed a bitter truth “it’s like this book- people may have one lying on a shelf in their house, but they never pick it up and use it! Just like the headphone jacks that have been a part of this car since the day it was manufactured. We could have been using it all along, but we neglected to be a student of its owner’s manual.”
For many years, after I began not just believing in God, but wanting to know Him, I would pick up my bible, occasionally, and thumb through the concordance to read up on a topic of interest to me. I might relate, I might not- but the scriptures really never “came to life” for me. That is, not until I became a DISCIPLinEd reader.
What tool in your life are you not using? Is it God’s word? Pick it up, dust it off, and start a reading plan………the results that follow could provide peace….and quiet for your soul (& ears!).
– Jodie

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