When I grow up I want to………….

(Originally posted to The Bullard Pack blog on 9/2/09)
Marry a prince, live in a castle, have 13 children, drive a limo (notice I said, drive, not be driven in!), and work at the joint (my idea of a “joint” was my favorite restaurant, “Bob’s Big Boy.” It was the place I could order a scrumptious silver goblet, which was basically a chocolate shake served in a silver container).”
Needless to say, over the years, my dreams changed a bit. By the time I hit college, I was NOT interested in getting married, or having ANY children. I wanted to be a professional working woman, making the big bucks. I wanted to live in a metropolitan area, see the world, and do whatever I wanted! Then *BAM!*, God stepped into “my” plan.
It all started w/ an unexpected visit at my college room-mates parents’ home. As I rolled out of bed (literally!) on a Sunday morning in June, three young men, dressed in suits and ties stood before me. Two of the three young men had known my roommate from their Jr/Sr High youth group. As I sat and listened to their conversation, I was particularly interested in the tall, skinny, tan one with the gorgeous blue eyes. The visit didn’t last long b/c I interrupted to announce that I was going to get lunch (remember, at this point in my life, it was all about me!). Later that afternoon, as my roommate and I sat in the drive thru at Taco Bell, I asked her for more details on the “one” guy. After a few details about that handsome young man, I quickly replied, “well, I think I’ll marry him.”
It didn’t take long for the “one” w/ the gorgeous blue eyes to call and invite me to a gathering at his apartment (I think it was just an excuse to see me again!). Shortly after that, we had our first official date. That date led to another one, and another one and another one. Six months later, we were engaged. The rest, as they say, is history…………….
After we were married, I finished college and worked full time for about 3 years. Then the babies came (boy, did they ever! The first two in 18 months, followed by a miscarriage, then another one, then another one 2 years later!) I was officially a “stay at home” wife and mommy. Then, if THAT wasn’t enough, God called us to remove our older two children from public school so that we could begin homeschooling!!!
Isn’t it funny how sometimes our dreams don’t seem to match up w/ the direction that we thought our lives go? In our short sightedness, it can appear that God didn’t listen to our childhood wishes, or give us the things that we wanted. However, I believe He DID fulfill my dreams (I just got some of the specifics a little messed up!). For you see, I DID marry a prince (he may not be royal in name, but he is in my heart). I DID get 4 of those 13 children (I think God knew what I could handle!). I DID get to drive my own car- albeit a mini-van (a limo would probably not be conducive to car seats anyhow!). And, the “joint” I work in, turned out to be our family home.
What are your dreams?
Perhaps God has already given you yours, but you just haven’t realized it.

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