Be & Know

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God!

During the multiple seasons of transition that our family has endured the last few years, the above verse has continued to resonate with Doug and me.

Be still!

It’s a command- yet I rarely obey it.

Know that I am GOD.

I know who He is in my mind, but I don’t always know Him intimately in my soul.

As the Holy Spirit has ever so gently continued to whisper this truth to me I have tried, in my own strength to make myself be still and know Him. But, realizing that I’m more of a visual & hands on learner, God, in His infinite wisdom took me out of my every day rat race and plopped us down on a private island last week to MAKE me be still!

All of God’s creation is beautiful, but there is something about the aqua blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, the lush vegetation, the rugged coastlines and the white sandy beaches of her islands that captivates me. Although I tried numerous times to articulate to Doug the overwhelming sense of being at home while I was there, I was rendered speechless. For words could not adequately describe how I felt…

-lying in a chase lounge, listening to the waves lap upon the shoreline

-watching the numerous palm trees bend and sway in the breeze as a storm approached

-snorkeling over magnificent coral teaming with brilliant colored creatures

-catching a glimpse of a stingray in the waters below me while paddle boarding

-gazing across the bay and seeing another stingray jump out of the water!

-watching pelicans dive down at lighting speed into the water at the marina to catch their dinner

-following an iguana to snap a closer picture of him eating a piece of fruit

-swimming in the shallows and discovering a star fish lying all alone on the white sand

-staring at the horizon as the sun set over the surrounding islands…cascading a yellow, orange and pink curtain across the sky

Be still!

Know that I am God.

It’s not just another thing I am supposed to do- like the many items I check off my “To Do” list. It’s a spirit connection to the One who created me- and the land and sea. It’s a mind, will and emotional connection to the One who willingly laid down His life for me so that I could spend decades of life–to–the-full on the Earth He created and eternity with Him in paradise.


That’s probably the only word that can encapsulate my experience last week. Webster defines paradise as “a place or state of bliss.” Not surprisingly, it also lists “Heaven” and “Eden” in its attempt to convey its meaning.


It’s how my husband described the view from Dead Man’s beach as we laid in our lounge chairs, beneath the grape trees, soaking in the sights and sounds of the bay near Dead Chest Island.


The perfect place God created for man and woman to be in constant relationship with Him -and to be one with each other.

Many of the US and British Virgin Islands have been untouched by man….left exactly the way the Father formed them in the beginning. They are absolutely perfect- just like Eden was. But, even the islands that have been overpopulated and polluted by locals and tourists are exquisite, for they are in the process of being redeemed and restored to their rightful place: paradise. And, so it is is we me; I have been overpopulated and polluted – but my soul is being restored and redeemed to its rightful place: paradise….by being still and knowing that He is God.


Thank you for creating the Caribbean Sea….and me. Help me to continue to be still and know you- whether I’m sitting on a private island or in my Lazy Boy recliner in the privacy of my bedroom.


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